konstantine___x (konstantine___x) wrote,


i love ross. he invited me down to nelly's. we got stoned. it was excellent. just like he said, it doesn't make you forget, but it makes you not care. which to me, is even better. obviously got the munchies so ate too much but i dont even care. at night it looked like i wasnt going to be doing anything but then gill phoned and invited me to Gs. christ i was scared. for some reason i really like him and i dont know why. i fancy him more than dave. is that wrong? so had a good time there met michael, amy, gaby and chloe who were all nice and got drunk.

gill came and stayed at mine, told her all about dave. she thinks hes a dick too, its all good.

G is hot. i want to do naughty things to him.

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