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was supposed to be going into town next day with gill but got phoned into work early. i didnt mind cos G wasnt going to be in town anyway. had an alright time working then went to daves afterwards. it felt weird. we never talked about us "going out". so i dont even know if we are. werent being coupley at all. i hate things being up in the air like this. we watched kingpin and the breakfast club. the breakfast club was fucking good. i couldnt find the words to say to him. even when i went home i couldnt phone him. ill be seeing him (probably drunk) at biffy on thursday night so ill talk to him then.

maybe he didnt want to talk about it tonite co he wanted to reflect on how we acted together? i dont know. i thought i was definately sure i didnt want to go out with him anymore. but now theres a tiny bit of doubt in my head and its annoying me. i like G. but then again its dave. dave who ive never stopped loving in one way or another for 2 years.

i just don't know.

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