konstantine___x (konstantine___x) wrote,


Oh my god. i am so happy.

what happened-

went to biffy, it was good, was with dave the whole time then eventually he just turns to me and goes "so you think we should just be friends then?". i fucking love him. it was like a mssive burden had been lifted from my shoulders it was amazing. and then it was just back to normal, actually, better than normal, we were hugging and kissing and holding hands it was lovely.

god were weird.

then left dave ally ross stu & sarah in central and met gill, G & this guy i dont know. went to Art School, got in no bother with the ID. had a fucking amazing nite, got so pissed & puked down the steps outside but still went back to Gs. no sex, just gave him head.

i can't believe how happy i am.

got back to my house 1 and a half hours before my exam haha. got showered and me and gill got a taxi down. went into the exam still drunk, wrote half a page for Plato although i did draw a very nice divided line.

had work as well at night, it was a good laugh. i cant stop smiling.

weight: i don't care
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